Reflection: Adjustments to Practice How Do Glaciers Change the Shape of the Land? - Section 4: Explanation


To be frugal, I decided to re-use all of the clay.  It will also save time next year, since preparing the clay was a little time consuming and my science time is very limited.  So I simply brushed off what I could from the clay into the garbage can.  Then I rinsed the clay off and dug out any pieces that were left behind.  I placed each of the pieces between waxed paper and stored them so I can just pull them out next year--simple, frugal and time-saving.

  Re-Using the Clay
  Adjustments to Practice: Re-Using the Clay
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How Do Glaciers Change the Shape of the Land?

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 11 of 21

Objective: SWBAT observe, diagram and note how glaciers can change the land using a model.

Big Idea: Glaciers have drastically changed and shaped our land for over thousands of years. But exactly how does this happen? Let's observe a model to help us understand.

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Science, landscape, volcanoes, mountain, earth, glaciers, Land, Earthquakes
  60 minutes
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