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I anticipated a few errors due to not reading the problems carefully and also expected at least a couple of students to miss the fact that the divisor for problem 5 had a squared term and a constant term but no linear term.  What I did not anticipate was that some students would struggle with problem #2 because they didn't know what to do when the largest terms of the dividend and divisor were the same.  They put an x in the quotient instead of a 1.   I also didn't anticipate that problem #12 would confuse some students because the length is given in terms of the width and the height is given in terms of the length.  Some students didn't see this and tried to write an equation that included an x, an x+2 and an x+3 instead of an x+5.  To address this, when we go over the questions in class I'll facilitate discussion about these problems and have students explain their reasoning to each other, adding in my own comments only as necessary.  I've found corrections are more powerful from peers. 

  Checks for Understanding: Student mistakes
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Team Testing!

Unit 2: Algebraic Arithmetic
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding by successful completion of the unit assessment.

Big Idea: Teamwork Testing?! If you've never tried it, this lesson might help you see the value for your students.

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