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In order for this lesson to be systematically successful and not just a bung of banging instruments making lots of noise, I carefully choose the setup and deliberately go over the expectations before allowing them to proceed.  In this case, I have spread the instruments out around the room.  You can see from the video, that each instrument is spaced out so that students can work in a "station" like manner.  There is enough space to try the instrument, use the i-pad for further knowledge, and discuss and write with their partner.  

  Classroom Setup: Setting Up For Success
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Band Camp

Unit 4: Sound and Light Waves
Lesson 9 of 20

Objective: SWBAT identify how a variety of instruments make sounds through vibrations.

Big Idea: Today our classroom will be transformed into Band Camp! A variety of instruments will be available for exploration as students try to identify how vibrations are produced.

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Science, sound waves, Sound, sound effects, Waves, Light, light wave, 1st Grade, vibration, telephone, sound energy, ear, matter
  61 minutes
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