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In this lesson I asked my students to observe mealworms and collect data about their behaviors.  As an enrichment activity, I asked some of my students to go a little deeper by asking them to analyze their data write about their findings.  By asking my students to go deeper by analyzing data and writing about that data, I am asking them to perform a higher level thinking skill.  Some students do this alone while others work with partners or even groups of three depending on their comfort level with analyzing data.  I even have a few students simply "talk" about their data rather than write. 

Analyzing Data

I then allow my students to share their findings in small table groups.  After my students share, I may ask them to go back to their papers and add any new "ah-ha" moments or ideas learned from the share. 

  Advanced Students: Differention
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Let's Explore Mealworms! - Day 2

Unit 4: Unit 4: Biomimicry
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Objective: SWBAT predict, observe and compare the behavioral responses of Mealworms to the behavioral response of rocks when exposed to various stimuli.

Big Idea: Mealworms have behaviors? Students get to explore how Mealworms and rocks respond to peppermint oil, water, air and light. What do you think will happen?

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