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Vocabulary Scramble

Vocabulary scramble is activity that helps students practice new vocabulary words or review old ones.  It is designed as an active way of learning new words and enhancing recall skills. Students distinguish between words and meanings as they circulate the room seeking out a match.  They try to pair up words and definitions by using context clues like key words or phrases they are familiar with to determine a word to definition match.  This strategy is beneficial to all my students but especially my English language learners and special education students.  Pre-exposure of these words is important for comprehension of content and concepts as we move forward with our plant lessons. It metacognitively prepares them for future plant lessons on photosynthesis, the life cycle, and pollination.  I found my students were actively involved during the scramble. They were focused on and attentive to context clues as they moved about the room seeking their partner who was their match.  Vocabulary scramble can go as many rounds as the teacher desires or until students demonstrate understanding of most words.

Implementing vocabulary scramble is pretty straightforward. First, a set number of words and definitions are determined and each one pasted on an index card for durability or just on paper.  With larger classes, it is ok to duplicate some of the words/definitions in order to have all students participate. Next, I randomly handed out the cards faced down so all students have equal opportunity to examine their cards prior to the game. Then, the scramble begins.  In this lesson, I asked students to move about silently and find nonverbal ways to communicate as they interacted. For example, students who came together and decided they were not a match, gave a thumbs down while students with a match gave a thumbs down. I did it this way to encourage students to read the definitions and words. This way also prevented students from being off task during a conversation.  Once students determined if they were match, they found a spot in the room to sit until all matches were identified. When all students had a match, I did a word/definition check simply by having them stand and tell the class their match.  I let the class determine if the match was true or not.  This gave everyone the chance to analyze all the words and definitions, rather than just the ones they had received.  We played multiple rounds during the class time.  I know my students enjoyed this activity because they asked the next day if we were playing again.

  Vocabulary Scramble
  Intrinsic Motivation: Vocabulary Scramble
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The Plant Kingdom- Vocabulary Preview

Unit 3: Ecosystems and Interactions
Lesson 4 of 19

Objective: SWBAT identify key words related to the structure and function of a plant.

Big Idea: Students will apply their understanding of plant related vocabulary words to a matching activity called vocabulary scramble.

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