Reflection: Joy Observing Crayfish - Section 2: Engagement


I've had some pretty engaging science lessons this year, but nothing else I've done approaches the level of excitement my students show when dealing with actual live animals.  They are eager to observe, give them names, and talk about how cute they are whenever they get a chance.  For years, I've tried to find workarounds to bringing in living things, but it is clear that was a mistake.  Students need to have as much interaction with what they are studying as possible, so if there is a way to bring in a creature they can actually touch, it is well worth it.

  Brining Life Science to Life
  Joy: Brining Life Science to Life
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Observing Crayfish

Unit 8: Animal Structures
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT record observations of crayfish structures and behaviors.

Big Idea: How can you observe crayfish safely?

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