Reflection: Exploring Our Concepts with Dynamic Geometry Software - Section 1: Going Over the Coordinate Geometry Practice Problems


Problem_5 turned out to be a great segue into parallel lines.  My students realized that not only were the opposite sides of the quadrilateral congruent, but they also looked parallel, and wanted to know how they could prove that.  This resulted in a good discussion, and helped to lead into our explorations on the dynamic software.

  Great Segue into Parallel Lines
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Exploring Our Concepts with Dynamic Geometry Software

Unit 2: Coordinate Geometry
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Using dynamic software, SWBAT find midpoints, lengths of segments, and slope, and understand the relationships between the slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Big Idea: What is a strategic use of tools? Let's use dynamic software to deepen our students' understanding of coordinate geometry!

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Math, Geometry, midpoint, coordinate geometry, coordinate systems (Geom Modeling), parallel, distance, perpendicular, length, reciprocal, dynamic software, slopes
  90 minutes
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