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It is important to note, that I have a huge spelling error on my anchor chart.  The word, invertebrate gets me every time.  I noticed it after completing the chart and taking and uploading the photos.  My students are accustomed to knowing that adults make mistakes too and I frequently use white post it note tape to correct my own mistakes.

I do believe it is good for our students to see us mess up now and again.  It provides opportunities for them to see us handle mistakes and model for them how to take care of those mistakes. Unfortunately, I neglected to fix these mistakes before uploading photos.

Forgiveness is asked...

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Sea Stars --The Divas of the Sea

Unit 6: Unit 6 - The Waters of the World
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare the migration patterns of Sea Stars to other ocean creatures.

Big Idea: Discovering the wonder of sea stars and how magical they can be is so exciting. Combine that information with their incredible adaptations and find how they are connected to other creatures in the sea and you have the perfect combination for fun.

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