Reflection: Accountability The Story of 1 (Part 2) - Section 2: Movie notes & Differentiation


I had originally made the notes as a way to make them accountable for watching a movie in class and also to capture some of their curiosity. Three things to look for was too much though. I would focus their evidence search on just one thing. They missed a lot by trying to look for too many things and I wonder if they would have been able to gather more evidence around something very general if they had just been looking for ways that math changed peoples lives. 

I would still ask them for anything that they learned or that surprised them. That's not the kind of thing they are likely to miss.

  Notes needed more focus
  Accountability: Notes needed more focus
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The Story of 1 (Part 2)

Unit 3: Equivalent Expressions
Lesson 21 of 23

Objective: SWBAT find evidence from resource material to support or refute a claim. SWBAT factor and simplify variable expressions using the distributive property.

Big Idea: Students will begin to see connections between evidence and claims.

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Math, factoring polynomial expressions, Differentiation, Expressions (Algebra), movie, evidence, distributive property with variables
  54 minutes
story of 1
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