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As alternative to the final activity, I made up a sorting game that can be completed on white boards. I tell students that we are going to sort arthropods for a museum. They need  to draw four boxes to represent the display cases, and label them with the four types of arthropods from our notes. I will give students the name of an arthropod, and they will then tell me which display case it would go into. When we complete the sort, I then ask them to classify each box without using their notes. 

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Arthropod Museum

Unit 7: Life Science
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Objective: SWBAT sort and classify pictures of arthropods using their notes on their structures.

Big Idea: After learning about the structural differences that classify arthropods, students use their notes to sort these animals. We pretend that the pictures we are using are for a museum exhibit and they are called in to get the display right.

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Science, Classification Systems, Arthropods, life science
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