Reflection: Modeling Observations and Scale Models - Section 5: Elaborate


Well selecting a dry and not windy day in April is really quite a challenge. So, I decided on a day it was not raining, but the wind really gave me some challenges. The students had their graph paper clipped to their clip boards, but the wind was pulling it up. The papers were blowing like crazy. I recommend waiting until there is no wind for this lesson.

The other big issue was that the students really just connect playing to the playground. I went over our goals for the lesson, but the desire to play was too strong. I had two students run off playing on the equipment. So, going over rules and procedures prior to entering the playground would be a good idea. I never dreamed they would get wild, because my students are so well behaved. But, they are used to playing on the playground. So, I needed to go over and act out my behavioral expectations for a lesson on the playground. What was I thinking? Some good rules might be to focus, try your best, look at the teacher, listen, watch as I model, and make real observations. 

Despite my chaotic experience many students really made some excellent observations. When we came back to the class the students miraculously transformed themselves back to their normal selves. They used the rubric, and most students did have at least one measurement error. This is a good example of the student work.

  Modeling: Student Work
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Observations and Scale Models

Unit 8: Engineering Design
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT design a scale model.

Big Idea: Help students create scientific models to accuraetly represent the complex solutions they create.

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