Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Algebra and Angle Pairs - Section 2: Practice with Drawing Diagrams


This year my school has begun a reading initiative in response to the Common Core.  I think this is a good thing - I have noticed in the problem sets that we have been doing that a good number of my students have trouble with the problems simply because they don't take the time to actually read the problem.  If there are two algebraic expressions in the problem, they either immediately set the two equal to each other (when x is to the first power) or add them and set them equal to zero (when one contains an x squared).  

Clearly I need to work on an active reading strategy with my students, in order to make them slow down, read the problem, draw an appropriate diagram, and then analyze.  I will be addressing this in upcoming units!

  Practice Needed With Reading Also!
  Adjustments to Practice: Practice Needed With Reading Also!
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Algebra and Angle Pairs

Unit 1: Tools of Geometry
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT draw appropriate diagrams given verbal descriptions, and identify and solve problems involving adjacent, supplementary, and complementary angles.

Big Idea: More basics of Geometry: Drawing diagrams, identifying and naming angles and angle pairs, and solving algebraic problems involving angle pairs. And an answer to that eternal question - why can't we just measure instead of doing constructions?

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