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In this lab, I bring in soda as the mystery liquid. I use soda because many of my students consume soda on a daily basis. I want my students to think critically about the food choices they make and to use nutritional information to help them make these choices. Testing soda for the presence of glucose, starch, fat, and protein can give student new insights into the nutritional value of soda. 

It is important that the soda used in the test be a clear variety. This aids the children when they test for glucose, starch, and protein as these test require that students be able to see the color of test strips or test solutions. Testing a dark colored soda can lead to unclear test results.

  Choosing a Liquid to Test
  Student Ownership: Choosing a Liquid to Test
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Is This Liquid Healthy?

Unit 7: Food Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT independently complete a scientific investigation to determine the nutritional value in a mystery liquid (soda).

Big Idea: Scientific testing can help determine the nutritional value of foods and drinks. This can aid people in making healthy food choices.

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