Reflection: Student Ownership Examining Food Labels - Section 1: Warm Up


I keep a supply of food labels in the classroom to use year after year, however, this activity is much more meaningful to students if they bring in their own food labels from home. About a week before this lab, I ask students to bring in a food label from home. I ask them to choose a food that they eat regularly and that is important to their families. Asking students to bring in their own labels makes this activity come to life as it helps students to make a personal connection to what they are learning. Because my class is culturally diverse, this activity also introduces all students to new foods that come from other cultures. 

  Bringing in Food Labels
  Student Ownership: Bringing in Food Labels
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Examining Food Labels

Unit 7: Food Chemistry
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT read a food label and understand the nutrients each food contains.

Big Idea: Using the information on a food label can help us make healthier food choices.

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