Reflection: Safety Protein in Foods - Section 2: Independent Practice


The protein test solution can create problems in the classroom. The test solution is equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This solution smells bad and can be irritating to students. To ensure safety and comfort in the classroom, I take special preparations on this lab day. First, I open the class exterior door to ensure adequate ventilation. Second, I mix the solution shortly before the lesson and dispose of the solution as soon as the lab is completed. This minimizes the time the solution is on the classroom and cuts down on the smell significantly. Third, I use covered containers to hold the test solution. Finally, I keep plenty of cleaning materials on hand to clean up spills.

  Using the Protein Test Solution
  Safety: Using the Protein Test Solution
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Protein in Foods

Unit 7: Food Chemistry
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify foods and liquids which contain protein.

Big Idea: Proteins help people build muscle and store energy for long-term use.

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