Reflection: Pacing Glucose in Food - Section 2: Independent Practice


In this lab, students will be testing both food and liquid samples for the first time. Since students are familiar with the test procedures, they are naturally quicker at completing lab work. I do, however, use several strategies to help students manage their time effectively during the lab. First, I create a class schedule on the board. I list the approximate time that students should complete the liquid tests and the food tests. I leave this up throughout the lesson to serve as a visual reminder. Second, I appoint one student in each group to serve as time keeper. The time keeper's job is to watch the clock, provide reminders to the team, and keep the group on track to finish. Lastly, I provide an extended science time for this lesson. Since the students are still working to master the test procedures, I allow approximately 15 minutes of extra science time. During this time, I allow students to finish their conclusions and begin their reading assignments.

  Strategies to Help Students Manage Time
  Pacing: Strategies to Help Students Manage Time
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Glucose in Food

Unit 7: Food Chemistry
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify foods and liquids that contain glucose.

Big Idea: Glucose is a sugar that is useful to humans because it provides readily usable energy.

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