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Writing, in any way, is an excellent assessment tool.  In the attached letter, I am able to recognize this student's depth of understanding and his use of precise vocabulary terms. Aside from being able assess the science content, I am also able to use the written piece as a teaching tool later. 

As we continue to work in our unit of study, I will have the students expand on their writing, revise their thinking, or use it to teach others the concept of induced magnetism.

Think about writing in science in ways that are not "scientific". I like letter writing in order to defend an idea or prove a concept, while poetry writing is an excellent tool for content review and description. 

  Why Write?
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Why Write?
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It's Only Temporary!

Unit 8: Magnets
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to create a temporary magnet.

Big Idea: Students have a clear understanding at this point of magnetic force and magnetic and non magnetic items. Today they will explore using that knowledge to create magnets out of non magnetic objects.

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Science, Magnetism, magnet, temporary magnets, induced magnetism, induced magnetism, attraction
  38 minutes
a temporary magent
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