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Let's begin by going back to college. We are sitting in our child development class and our professor mentions CONSTRUCTIVISM - The theory that learning is an active process that is allows us to learn new things based on our experiences.  We learn things by building upon prior experiences and knowledge.  In a constructivist classroom the teacher acts more like a facilitator, guiding and navigating the learning in a such a way that allows for students to those "ah-ha" moments. 

So why take kids outside to learn?

1. Students learn best by doing and building upon their prior knowledge.  In this particular lesson my students are familiar with trees, flowers and plants.  I ask my students to now identify these as something more ....organisms. This new vocabulary must be added to their prior knowledge. Taking my students outside to identify organisms allows this word to naturally become part of their vocabulary.

2. It is so much fun!

3. It is good for their brains and their bodies!

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Outdoor Science
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Is it Living?

Unit 4: Unit 4: Biomimicry
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Objective: SWBAT define the word organisms and then use that definition to identify things that are either an organisms and not an organism.

Big Idea: Let's do a magazine sort with cool animal photographs! Students will have to find things that can fit into two categories: living and nonliving!

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Science, animal (Classification), observations, structure, function, animal
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