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After assessing students on determining the central message, it was apparent additional instruction was needed. Few students achieved mastery. This was surprising because they had done so well on the assessment after reading Mulan by Song Nan Zhang. I analyzed their incorrect responses and discovered more focus was needed on conveying it through key details in the text. (Now I understand why this is such a focus in Common Core.) Students’ answers were logical, but did not rely on the text. For example, one of the questions was to determine the central message in the story Cliff Hanger by Jean Craighead George. Most students said the central message was not to go rock climbing during a storm. This is good advice, but that is not what happened in the story. The story was about the main character trying to save his little dog before the storm arrived.

  The Message Is NOT Clear
  The Message Is NOT Clear
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Assessment - Unit Assessment

Unit 7: Cliff Hanger
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT show their level of mastery with skills taught by completing an assessment journal.

Big Idea: Student show their level of mastery on story elements, retelling, sequencing, character traits, character feelings, and central message.

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