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The material that falls from space (known as micrometeorite for this lesson) have multiple names. These names reflect where the material exists. It is important for your students to understand that these terms reflect the originating material's location.

Asteroids are chucks of rock that orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. When asteroids collide they break into small pieces known as meteoroids. Meteoroids are considered small pebbles that may become ejected from the asteroid belt and fall toward the Earth. If a meteoroid does indeed fall into the atmosphere and produce a streak of light it is now called a meteor. If the meteor happens to survive the plunge through the atmosphere it is now a meteorite. If it has similar characteristics to a meteorite, but is actually a sample of naturally occurring iron it has been nicknamed a "meteorwrong". Meteorwrong is a made up word by amateur geologist and rock hunters to describe a false meteorite. It is important to stress that there may be multiple terms that refer to the same sample as it journeys from the asteroid belt to the surface of the Earth.

  Vocabulary is important
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Vocabulary is important
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My Micrometeorite

Unit 11: Solar System
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to find their very own micrometeorite for study.

Big Idea: At the end of the day your students can walk home knowing they own their very own micrometeorite.

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my micrometeorite
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