Reflection: Gradual Release Writing a Procedural Text of How Mountains are Made - Section 3: Modeling


Writing always is one of the most difficult subjects to teach.  When I think back to the writing skills that my students began with at the beginning of the year, I can see huge growth.  One of the reasons for this change, besides lots and lots of writing practice, is using a 4-square organizer to scaffold them.  It's a great organizer that helps them get their ideas down, add supporting details and a simple conclusion.  It's just a fantastic tool to use for most types of writing, such as descriptive, informative and persuasive.   On the sheet I also have connective words to help them use appropriate ones for the task.  The only thing I still help most of the children with is writing a topic sentence.  They struggle with writing a complete one that encompasses all of their thoughts.   

  Writing--It's Been a Long Road
  Gradual Release: Writing--It's Been a Long Road
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Writing a Procedural Text of How Mountains are Made

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 6 of 21

Objective: SWBAT write a procedural text that includes supporting details and a simple conclusion.

Big Idea: How are mountains formed? We know, and can write the steps of mountain formation!

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Science, landscape, volcanoes, mountain, earth, glaciers, Land, Earthquakes
  50 minutes
writing a procedural text
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