Reflection: Conducting Crayfish Experiments - Section 1: Planning


There was some disagreement among tables when I originally asked them what crayfish sense they would like to find out more about, and they questions they developed were not quite ready for testing.  I wrote each sense on an index card, and called students up one by one while they were working on another assignment, and asked them which crayfish sense they wanted to explore.  I wrote their name on the back of the card so they couldn't pick by who was in the group, only by interest.  Once I had 5 in a group, I pulled that card out as an option.

Differentiating by allowing student choice (even if it's between only two topics) creates buy in.  It acknowledges that their interests are important, and eliminates a great deal of "Well, I wanted to to ____ but _____ said no."

  Grouping by Interest
  Grouping by Interest
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Conducting Crayfish Experiments

Unit 8: Animal Structures
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT plan and conduct an experiment about crayfish senses.

Big Idea: How can you plan an experiment to find out how crayfish gather information about their environment?

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Science, life science, senses, structures and functions, Crayfish
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crayfish smell
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