Reflection: Seasonal Addition to 5 on the Big Screen - Section 2: Guided Practice


It's only our second addition lesson.  I know some of my buddies have never even noticed numbers until they started with us a few months back.  I know it takes time to develop these beginning concepts... especially for the little guys who don't have much early academic background.  I know this.  I do.

And yet, walking around with my iPad, smiling away at my smiling mathematicians, feeling like Tracy Technology as I blast their happy faces on the big screen, every so often, I come across a kiddo who has that we are counting chips and combining groups to get a total number.  Oh, they're all busy moving counters around, but some of my pals do not have this concept.

Did I expect to teach them in 2 short days?  Well, not really.  I'm good, but I'm not THAT good.  I find the need for exit tickets, or some sort of tangible indicator of personal progress that I can hold on to.  Yes, even after making a flip chart, there is more work to be done!  

I remind myself that it's so not about me.  I need to be sure that those little guys--all of them--are learning.  It may take longer for some, but if I have clear evidence of what they're understanding and what is causing confusion, we can move forward in a meaningful, productive way.

  When the concept clicks... and when it doesn't
  When the concept clicks... and when it doesn't
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Seasonal Addition to 5 on the Big Screen

Unit 9: Addition
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT move objects on the Promethean board (and at their tables) to show addition to 5.

Big Idea: Technology makes learning so much fun. Here we use our Promethean board and the teacher's iPad with AirServer to really make students the stars of their learning.

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Math, addition, subtraction
  40 minutes
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