Reflection: Student Ownership Conserving Earth's Resources - Section 5: Evaluate


The choice board allowed the students to self-select the way that they wanted to be assessed. I allowed the students to choose how they learned a concept. The students were allowed to draw or write to demonstrate their understanding of the content because my students enjoy writing and drawing. The choice board allowed me to meet my students' needs by arranging a level of difficulty for my below level, on level, and advanced students. For example, my advanced students mostly selected the letter and my struggling students selected the 'How to List' or the 'Ad.' My students were successful with the choice board.


  The students enjoyed the choice board!
  Student Ownership: The students enjoyed the choice board!
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Conserving Earth's Resources

Unit 6: Earth's Resources
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explain how people use and conserve Earth's Resources

Big Idea: Why should we care for Earth resources?

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Science, plants, mineral, Earth Science, natural resources, Air, soil, water, conserve, conservation, resources, rocks, Dinosaurs, compost pile, compost
  55 minutes
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