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In this lesson, I used the book What Shapes the Land? by Bobbie Kalman.  It is an excellent book with information that is digestible for second grade students.  It works perfectly for the lesson, which is why I chose it.  But please do not think you cannot do this lesson just because you don't have this particular book.  Seriously, any good informational book will do just fine.  It should contain a variety of images (photos or pictures and diagrams) that will help the students understand what they have read.  Of course, it is even more helpful if you have a book that relates to the Earth and its landforms to help tie everything together.  So, if you don't have this book, improvise with a book that you or your library has and everything will work out just fine.

  I don't have that book! What do I do?
  Journaling: I don't have that book! What do I do?
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What Shapes the Land?

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
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Objective: SWBAT explain how a diagram or photo helps them understand landforms.

Big Idea: Beautiful images and diagrams in a book don't just look pretty. We can use them to help us understand what we are reading.

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Science, landscape, volcanoes, mountain, earth, glaciers, Land, Earthquakes
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