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We have done science journaling since the first day of school and it continues to pay off. Today though, I really saw the students "own" it, as they were giving each other hints about what to write down! The power in journaling, I think, comes in when the students are using it to remember things that are important for them. My job is to teach them how to format things to make sense - the labeling, the neatness, the structure - but then they need to be able to apply it to content that is meaningful for themselves. Today, they did! I asked them to take "a few notes". That was all--nothing specific. Watch how they reacted and how many are writing in this clip: Pulling-Write That!


  Routines and Procedures: Purpose in Science Journals
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Force Causes Motion

Unit 9: Forces and Motion: Push, Pull, and Movement
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe how force causes motion with humans..and animals!

Big Idea: Using media and background knowledge, students think more deeply about how motion impacts everything we do and connect to some prior knowledge as they think back to our unit about animals.

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Science, friction, First Grade, 1.P.1.1. Explain the importance of a push or pull to changing the motion of an object., Forces, Forces and Motion, motions
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