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I selected these two students to show the range of thinking about x-intercepts and zeros.  Student A clearly "gets" it, making a simple but accurate explanation of the connection.  Student B still has a way to go and it's hard to tell from her explanation if she really understands the full relationship because she says that x-intercepts "help" to find zeros but doesn't make the clear connection that the intercepts are zeros.  She also puts in the comment about intercepts being whole numbers or "easy" fractions so I think she does recognize the limitations of reading zeros directly from a graph.  I will speak with student B one-on-one to determine just what her misconceptions are and work from there.  Possible questions to help clarify her understanding might be "How do the x-intercepts help you find the zeros" and "what kind of fractions don't work?"

  Diverse Entry Points: Identifying student levels of understanding
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Zeroing In

Unit 2: Algebraic Arithmetic
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the zeros of given polynomials. SWBAT use identified zeros to construct a rough graph of the polynomial.

Big Idea: Help your students "zero in" on what the graph of a polynomial looks like using zeros to plot key points.

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