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It would not seem that watching a video is a complex task, but understanding the plant life of a salt marsh is. When students watch a video they are passively engaged in the learning. A few students may ask questions or respond to questions, but many just watch. I found pictures of local marsh plants and copied them for students after they finished viewing the virtual field trip. I asked them to draw one plant that they found in the salt marsh and to add it to the class mural so that salt marsh animals on our mural would have plants to eat or hide in.

This step required students to become more active learners as they explored the salt marsh plants. Understanding why one plant might grow in a salt marsh and another not, is a complex process and before giving students the plants, I wanted to make sure they had engaged with at least one type of plant found in the marsh.

For students to deal with difficult material, they need to be active learners.

  Complex Tasks: Adding a Drawing Task
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Marshland Plants

Unit 5: Where Does It Live?
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Objective: SWBAT identify several plants that are common to the marsh habitat, and talk about how these might provide shelter for animals living there

Big Idea: Plant life is as diverse as animal life. Realizing that some plants do better in one habitat than another is important for understanding diversity

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