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This student definitely had a tough time with forces, and it is uncharacteristic for her to struggle. She missed almost all of the points from the conceptual questions (numbers 1 through 4) and her quantitative abilities in the short answer problems were equally weak. I'm most disappointed in her solution to question seven, as she's virtually left the question blank. When I see questions that are not answered completely such as these, I know the student is completely lost. In this case, I invited her in to go over the test and make some corrections.

On the flip side, some students were quite successful on this test. This student missed only one of the quantitative questions and showed clear, organized thinking. However, she still missed two of the conceptual questions. This tells me that the conceptual applications of forces is a weak area for my students, and we'll spend time reviewing these concepts prior to the AP Physics 1 exam in May.

  Student Feedback: A Tough Test
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Forces Unit Test

Unit 3: Newton's Laws
Lesson 16 of 16

Objective: Students will demonstrate mastery of Newton's Laws.

Big Idea: Students shine when they take today's unit test on forces .

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