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I have found that students' understanding of the functions of the nervous system is greatly increased when models and simulations are used.  I introduce all of the nervous system models at the same time during this discussion and provide students with the opportunity to manipulate and examine them.  Providing the students with this time to explore is important as it gives them a chance to become familiar with the models, so they are able to identify general structures when we begin reviewing the various organs of the nervous system.

  Introducing Models
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Introducing Models
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Nervous System Introductory Discussion

Unit 5: Nervous System
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Objective: SWBAT explain their prior knowledge of the nervous system and discuss what they would like to learn about the topic.

Big Idea: Using an introductory discussion is a good way to determine students' misconceptions and personal connections to unit information.

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Science, nervous system (Anatomy), Spinal Cord, senses, nervous system, brain
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