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Reading a large amount of plain text can be just that....PLAIN! We have all experienced increased engagement as we read about a topic when the perfect photo or video accompanies the words on a page. Why are graphics, photos, and visuals so effective? Researchers suggest that our brains more easily digest visual content and therefore have to do less work when attempting to make sense of the material being depicted. As an educator, I have found that the strategic use of just the right visual content tends to lead to greater engagement and more thought-provoking dialogue with my students than plain text has been able to accomplish.  Textbook graphics are a great place to begin however a best practice is providing students with an enlarged printed copy of the graphic so that they can “mark it up” as they are decoding and deducing content being illustrated.

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Diagram Dialogue

  Modeling: The Strategic Use of Graphics
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The Biotech Game of Life (Part I)

Unit 5: Basic Tools of the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: Students will discover the importance of medicine in maintaining and saving people's lives, identifying medical breakthroughs and the ongoing process of drug development.

Big Idea: New medications oftentimes take a costly, timely, complex journey from bench to shelf that few novel drug therapies successfully navigate.

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Science, research and development, experimental process, drug discovery, College and Career Readiness
  140 minutes
biotech game of life
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