Reflection: Data Analysis Exploring Weather- One, Two, Three, Forecast! Part 2 - Section 2: Large Group Instruction


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One reason this lesson is significant was the element of data analysis.  At this age, this skill needn't be complicated.  Often times, the simple act of recording what they saw and comparing it to another person's observation is the perfect way to start.  That's the perspective.  Was it the same?  Was it different?  Weather provides us the perfect opportunity to illustrate this skill.  There's where the practice comes in.  It adds 'gravitas'- significance- to the data and makes their observations matter.  That feeling of importance often makes them want to continue with the process, again adding to their valuable learning cycle, which adds up to..Product.  When all is done, they are left with a tangible form of their learning, one that deepens their motivation to move forward with new ideas.  

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  Data Analysis: Interpret Data
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Exploring Weather- One, Two, Three, Forecast! Part 2

Unit 6: What? Weather?
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will compare weather data to an actual forecast to compare results.

Big Idea: How does a weather forecast make my environment safer?

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