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One thing that was a fantastic sideline that I had not expected was the children's using resources from previous lessons.  When we learned about classifying animals, I had taken the resources from this lesson and turned them into a bulletin board.  The pictures had been posted for the children to use and refer back to whenever needed.  

I found them looking at this bulletin board with the anchor pictures frequently during the lesson. Using it as reference to help them with their work.

  Diverse Entry Points: Using Other Resources
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Hibernation: When do you go to sleep?

Unit 7: Unit 7 - Wetlands, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams
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Objective: SWBAT explore the different types of hibernation and associate correct animals with their specific type of hibernation.

Big Idea: Hibernation is a misunderstood adaption of animals. Not all hibernation is the same and not all animals hibernate the same way. This lesson allows students to explore the different types of hibernation.

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hibernating bear
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