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After we completed the first example together, discussing and using a unit rate strategy, some of my advanced students discovered other strategies for solving the problem.  

They realized that rather than compare the price for 1 piece, they could find a common amount of pieces to compare. (See GCF and LCM Word Problems.)  They used the concept of LCM to determine that 120 pieces of Cool Mint gum would cost $8.40 and 120 pieces of Trident gum would cost $7.20.  This led them to the same conclusion that the Trident gum is the better deal.  

Although finding the lcm is a valid strategy, I wanted students to understand how and why the unit rate is useful.  I posed the question:  Which is more useful in the real world, knowing the unit rate of gum or how much 120 pieces of gum cost?  (Look for MP3)  This started an interesting, heated debate, since some students were excited to think about potentially buying 120 pieces of gum and other students felt it wasn't practical.


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Unit Rate

Unit 12: Unit Rate
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT calculate unit rate.

Big Idea: Students understand how unit rates can be use in the real world.

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