Reflection: Checks for Understanding Conics Sections with Princess the Dog - Section 3: Math Graffiti


Math Graffiti is an essential part to this lesson - the conversations that I hear among students are unmatched by any other review activity I could think of. In addition to reviewing something from a previous class, here are some other ways in which Math Graffiti could be used in different contexts:

  • To review a concept the first day back after a long break: Students may not be able to jump right back into a topic after two weeks off from school, so Math Graffiti is a way to quickly get students primed for the return to math. You can put posters around the room with topics that were studied right before break so students can slowly piece things back together.
  • As a review for an assessment: Right before a mid-term assessment, for example, you could put posters for some of the big ideas throughout the semester. Again, each student can contribute just a little but they will also be able to see the contributions of other students.
  • To foster a dialogue about non-mathematical topics: If you want students to think about ways to study for tests, or methods that help them learn, or classroom norms, Math Graffiti is a great way to get student opinions about things that are equally as important as the content. These posters will give you an overall sense of the classroom climate.

  An Essential Activity
  Checks for Understanding: An Essential Activity
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Conics Sections with Princess the Dog

Unit 10: Conic Sections
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use a context to explore circles and ellipses.

Big Idea: Students will refresh their knowledge of conic sections using an interactive format.

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Math, Precalculus and Calculus, conic sections, circles, ellipse
  50 minutes
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