Reflection: Complex Tasks A Communication System - Section 6: Evaluate


This section is very complex and it takes along time to get students to the point where they can do all the things I expect in this section. They read a paragraph that they wrote, give verbal feedback, and they evaluate the popular designs. We are at the end of the year, so all of this is possible. 

I had to teach the class to comment on each others ideas respectfully by modeling verbal feedback. Then I also had to teach the class to listen, and repeated practice helps accomplish this. The students were able to write and create exceptional writing, because I use a rigorous writing strategy. It is called POW TIDE. We were required to use these strategies, and assess them using rubrics. I even had to turn them in with scores on a spreadsheet.

With extensive practice writing the class is able to express themselves in writing. But, they might just write and read one sentence if this lesson is in September or October. I know the focus in the lesson is science, so writing about science allowed my class to explain their design. 

  Complex Tasks: Complex Task
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A Communication System

Unit 7: Light in My World
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT design and explain a way of using light to help humans communication.

Big Idea: Allow students to apply their knowledge to design a system and create a method of communicating with light.

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Science, Light, reflection, mirrors, eye
  85 minutes
louisbourg lighthouse
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