Reflection: Joy The Depth of Decimals: Comparing Using A Fractional Model - Section 2: The Scoop on Comparing Decimals


New Reflection: 4/8/2015 My students really enjoy drawing decimals using grid paper. They grasp understanding of the meaning behind decimals and how they relate to fractions so easily with this method! This hands-on authentic way of proving understanding just can't be beat. I have used KHAN academy more this year than I ever have and appreciate what it has to offer, but hands down, for three years, I have heard my students say " I love doing this!" and " I love fractions and decimals the way we are learning it!" It makes my heart just dance...because as a kid, I didn't ever have this opportunity to prove my understanding in such an engaging way. It teaches accuracy, reasoning and forces them to be careful not to confuse hundredths and tenths.

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The Depth of Decimals: Comparing Using A Fractional Model

Unit 6: Fractions 1: Understanding Equivalence in Fractions and Decimals
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Objective: SWBAT compare decimals using a fractional model.

Big Idea: Proving that a decimal is greater than another decimal is easy after an in depth discussion about common mistakes in thinking, strategies to keep us thinking correctly and having fun drawing on graph paper.

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