Reflection: Checks for Understanding How Plants Reproduce - Section 5: Wrap Up


Four Corners Formative Assessment 

To use this strategy, all questions must be multiple choice answers, or have the same 4 answers.  Each corner of the room will be designated for one of the answers.  In order to ensure that this strategy provides valid information for student understanding, it is important to have students record their answers on a sticky note or note card before moving to corners.  As the questions are read, students move to the corner that matches the answer on their sticky note.  Once in the corner, all students there check each others papers to make sure they are in the corner that they have marked as the answer.  This prevents students from just going to whichever corner has the most students in it.  After students check each others papers, they focus back up on the front of the room so I can go over the question and give them the correct answer.  

I reward students who stay in the longest and/or get them all correct.  This motivates students to try their best so I get accurate information for the assessment.  It also motivates them to be honest when checking each others answers in the corners because they don't want other students getting by with a wrong answer.  

Analysis of Assessment 

As students get out of the game, I can quickly record their name and mark what question they went out on so I know what I need to review and which students I need to focus on. This is a fun way for me to assess student understanding and they enjoy it. 

The majority of the class performed very well on the formative assessment which means it would not take reteaching of the concepts.  I will focus questions during the review time of future lessons on those eight students who did not answer a question correctly.  I will want to make sure that they not only understand the information moving forward, but also retain the knowledge.  

  Four Corners Formative Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Four Corners Formative Assessment
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How Plants Reproduce

Unit 3: Transfer of Energy and Matter Through Organisms in an Ecosystem
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Objective: SWBAT describe the process of reproduction for both flowering and nonflowering plants.

Big Idea: Students use observation skills to dissect a flowering plant, identifying and labeling each part and its role in reproduction.

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