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I let my students draw their ideas first, and then use that as a springboard for their writing. This got them excited about the subject,as well as gave them a point of reference to refer to when writing and describing their invention. This was very helpful for the English Language Learners in my room as well as my reluctant writers because it gave them an additional way of expressing themselves.

  Drawing first can help students write more
  Student Ownership: Drawing first can help students write more
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5. Inventions of Tomorrow That Will Rely On Magnetism, A Writing Activity

Unit 9: Magnets an Ancient and Modern Marvel
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to write an informative/explanatory essay that includes a minimum of three magnetism facts that would explain a future invention which relies on magnetism.

Big Idea: Engineers continually find new ways to improve our quality of life by exploring the possibilities and options available when repurposing known materials.

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Science, compass (Magnetism), Writing Informative Text, Graphic Organizer, Magnets
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