Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Winter Recess Math Packet Review, Day 1 - Section 2: Group Work


As groups presented their problems, I realized that I needed to be give more specific directions with this lesson in the future in order to gain the intended results.  Overall, I want this lesson to serve as a review, with students learning to be clear in their math work and better at explaining their reasoning.  By leading and teaching a lesson, students are spiraling back to older concepts.  By explaining their steps and strategies, they can transfer these reasoning skills to their math writing and better communicate their thinking.

Although I gave groups a 3-4 minute time limit, it was hard for them to stay within that range.  Their explanations were lengthy and redundant.  Their questions focused more on what the next steps were, rather than the reasoning of why.

In the future, I will spend some time discussing the components of a good lesson, ie., use of math vocabulary, guiding questions, etc.  Rather than students just discussing their problem with their group, it is important for them to agree on how to show work in a clear manner.  It is important for the spokesperson to use math vocabulary and be concise in their explanation.  The elaborator should have some guiding questions prepared.  I will clarify that the role of the summarizer is not to explain the problem again, but highlight the key ideas that students should take away.

  Group Presentations
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Group Presentations
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Winter Recess Math Packet Review, Day 1

Unit 9: Multi-Unit Summative Assessments
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT explain their work and answers to their classmates.

Big Idea: Students teach each other how to solve problems from the vacation hw.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, problem solving, group work
  50 minutes
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