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When completing a specific task for the first time, in this case, the Venn Diagram, I prefer for my students to complete it on their own, but then, I find it extremely useful to review it whole group. This allows my students the opportunity to see how it should have been completed and gives them a chance to self correct. This scaffolding helps them better understand how to use this specific organizer.

  Completing an assignment whole group allows for self correction.
  Gradual Release: Completing an assignment whole group allows for self correction.
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Amazing Amphibians

Unit 8: Vertebrate Classification
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT: Identify and interpret traits that are found in amphibians by comparing and contrasting using a Venn diagram. Compare and contrast species traits in amphibians and reptiles by referring to the text using a Venn Diagram.

Big Idea: Animals have similarities and differences in traits shared between offspring and their parents, or among siblings. Animals of different species may share some inherited traits.

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Science, Vertebrate Systems, compare and contrast, amphibians, frogs and toads, reptiles vs. amphibians, reptiles
  51 minutes
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