Reflection: Hunting For Good Books! - Section 4: The Students Take a Turn


Thoughts about book choice and iPad use:

I found that I needed more explanation when it was the students' turn. Take some time and talk about care needed with cameras/Ipads. I should have spent a few more minutes on iPad Rules poster.  Let the kids know where they can put the books to take a picture and how to take a picture with the device. Let them know its ok if they're out of focus, but they should check the picture before they move on to a new picture.

Remind them about working in a group - taking turns, respecting opinions, etc. When working with these expensive breakable devices, remind students that using them is a privilege, not a right.  Think about the groups as well.  Perhaps it would be good to set guidelines - everyone takes at least one picture.

Set some guidelines about what to take pictures of - some of my kids took pictures of each other and lost focus on the books. Encourage them to finish as many of the squares as possible, but that they don't have to get all of them.  My kids REALLY wanted to get all of the squares, but that may not be feasible with time restrictions.  I wanted the kids to find books that they liked, not just any book so emphasize that.

Make sure you have LOTS of reading materials.  I neglected to include Scholastic and Highlights, and poetry books, but those are great choices.  Easier and more difficult reading material should also be available to choose from.  I thought about 'what would a book fair have?' because they tend to have a nice range of materials.

  Explanation needed/more choices for reading material
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Hunting For Good Books!

Unit 2: Introduction to 2nd grade - Literature has Story Elements
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT recognize literature and informational text structure to help them select a book of interest.

Big Idea: So many choices of books! Understand the features so they can choose a good book!

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English / Language Arts, Genres (Reading), Literature, theme (Reading Comp), Special Education, 2nd Grade, books, ipad, Reading Strategies, illustration, text features, informational text
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