Reflection: Pacing Nonlinear Position Graphs - Section 4: Exit Ticket


The lesson today was a bit more involved than I had anticipated. The progress from tangent lines to t-charts to velocity graphs to, ultimately, velocity functions, is a long one and students need some time both to absorb the ideas and to put them into practice. In both of my sections today, we ran out of time for the exit ticket. This is a bit unfortunate as I thought it would make a very nice wrap-up to the whole day. On the other hand, engagement was high and students seemed to be genuinely grasping the concepts so I'm happy that the time spent was effective. The exit ticket will, no doubt, resurface at a later date, perhaps even as a warmup for an upcoming lesson.

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Nonlinear Position Graphs

Unit 5: Objects in Motion
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: Students will develop a technique for analyzing nonlinear position graphs to produce velocity graphs.

Big Idea: Tangent lines are used to determine instantaneous velocities.

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