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Student research is an important part of the lesson but sometimes they have done the research but the information is not useful in the defense of a design. For example, most students know that solar panels are eco-friendly but they don't know why.

I scaffold the learning with a website from Green Building Solutions. This site, sponsored by plastics organizations, has a handy virtual tour that is useful for my ELL students and students with disabilities. Another element of differentiation it has is that building materials information can be used to help explain information students found but did not understand from their own research. 

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Eco-friendly Construction Materials

Unit 6: Designing for the Future: Eco Friendly Building
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Objective: SWBAT list eco-friendly products in a home and explain why they are considered eco-friendly.

Big Idea: What makes a product eco-friendly? Students research eco-friendly products in an effort to create a list of ways to make a building eco-friendly.

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