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One of the reasons I introduce the lesson in this way is to take prime advantage of what I call the "self-to-world" connection (this may already be a term in use - I modeled it after the oft-used text to self connection in ELA/literature classrooms). Whenever they can very concretely connect what's happening in their world with what's happening in the science classroom, both experiences are enriching for students. It makes the lesson, to use the term from the Heath Brothers, stickier. So when a blizzard (and snow day!) occurs and we happen to be learning about it, I had to use it as a linking thought to connect the experience of a blizzard to the science of a blizzard. This also enriches the actual classroom experience, because students have lived experiences to lean on and ask questions about, and this brief introduction became very enriching for students in the four to five minutes we spend discussing it. This positive momentum also frequently carries itself over into the rest of the class, so my advice - find things that your students experience every day (or frequently enough) and use them in your classroom!

  Self-to-World Connections
  Joy: Self-to-World Connections
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Air Masses

Unit 5: Meteorology
Lesson 14 of 17

Objective: SWBAT define an air mass and identify the five (5) major types of air masses, including where they originate

Big Idea: In this lesson, students identify the type and origin of the five major air masses that impact the United States

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