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Our Leaf unit provided me with an amazing discovery.  The collection, examination, discussion, comparison, and model steps all worked together to help us better understand and enjoy the importance of these simple plant parts.  This lesson had so many hands on elements that really allowed us to explore and find joy in nature.  My favorite part of this lesson was the leaf hunt.  Just to have an opportunity to get outside and run around was enjoyable enough.  To hear the excitement as the students explained their leaves, hear the English Learners as they worked hard to describe those leaves to us and each other..well, that was a gift.  It motivates me to find more ways to integrate CCSS and NGSS in all our long as we can have nature as our classroom.  It’s accessible, free, and generous.  That’s the best kind of teacher.

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Love Leaves- Assessment

Unit 10: Love Leaves
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: Students will create and label a model that identifies details on a leaf.

Big Idea: What are structures make up a leaf?

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