Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Dividing Decimals - Section 1: Do Now


In my classroom Student Think Alouds serve many purposes. I use them to encourage students to articulate their ideas. I use them when I feel that a student will benefit from speaking their strategy out loud to self assess its coherence. They are an informal assessment, during which I listen for both understandings and misconceptions.

Some of my students are shy when it comes to "thinking aloud" in front of the class. To help students through a think aloud, like today's Do Now, I am prepared to prompt them, rather than allow them to stop.  

During today's Think Aloud I want my students to share the steps of what they are doing, and to explain how they decided on that step.  Sometimes the sharing of "Whys" during a Think Aloud help the class more than the explanation of the "Hows".


  Using Student Think Alouds
  Discourse and Questioning: Using Student Think Alouds
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Dividing Decimals

Unit 8: Algorithms and Decimal Operations
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop an algorithm for dividing decimals.

Big Idea: How can a decimals, fractions, and whole number problem all lead to the same answer?

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Math, Decimals, division, divide decimals, long division with decimals
  45 minutes
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