Reflection: Relevance Love Leaves-Leaf Form to Stabilizing Structure - Section 4: Wrap Up


Scientific exploration can take many forms.  For students at this age, research supports the use of hands on exploration.  Kindergarteners are so tactile by nature, so it makes sense to take this to all areas of their study (when practical, of course!).  In this lesson, it took the form of simply examining a variety of leaf pictures and recording their observations.  Since this unit is wrapping up, they already had plenty of real specimens to explore, so the pictures just added another layer.  When we provide them multiple ways to look at material, particularly when they have some choice in the matter, we make the material relevant to them.  It’s much easier, I’ll admit, to take a ready made worksheet and give instruction to fill in the blanks.  I certainly understand why teachers make that choice.  However, I’ve noticed that when I provide my students ample time to observe and record these observations on their own terms, their learning deepens exponentially.  My deepest wish is that they never again overlook a leaf again.

  Scientific Exploration at It's Most Simple!
  Relevance: Scientific Exploration at It's Most Simple!
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Love Leaves-Leaf Form to Stabilizing Structure

Unit 10: Love Leaves
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will create a model of a leaf showing all its structures.

Big Idea: What are the structures of a leaf and their functions?

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