Reflection: Student Grouping Multiplying Decimals Card Sort - Section 2: Card Sort Activity


Because we had completed a previous card sorting activity (see Adding and Subtracting Decimals Card Sort), I had a general idea of students confidence and skill with working with fraction and decimal representations of numbers. So, I grouped students heterogeneously today. I wanted to make sure that one student in each group could help the rest of the group when their was disagreement about the meaning of a card.

I also created a group where I could serve as the "strong student". I felt that some of my students were too far off the pace and they needed more direct instruction. I expected that these students might have trouble connecting cards like 39 and 45.  I prepared for the lesson by thinking about questions to ask when working with this. Here are some example guiding questions:

  • What type of fraction is 52/10?
  • If we changed 52/10 to a mixed number, can you find a match for the card?


  Trouble with Place Value
  Student Grouping: Trouble with Place Value
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Multiplying Decimals Card Sort

Unit 8: Algorithms and Decimal Operations
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT multiply decimals.

Big Idea: How can we use fractions to multiply decimals?

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Math, grade 6, Algorithms, operations with decimals
  40 minutes
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