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To help the students understand how to set up the box, I demonstrated to them how they should set up their experiment.  In showing the students what to do, it helped them to complete the engineering design process successfully. While the students worked in groups, they were able to think creatively and critically to develop a solution on how to prevent wind erosion from destroying the house. Groups needed very little assistance from me. Overall the demonstration was beneficial to my students because they create a windbreakers such as trees and rocks to protect their house.

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Preventing Wind Erosion

Unit 7: Earth Changes
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use the engineering design to create a windbreak that blocks wind.

Big Idea: How can you create a windbreak to save your house from wind erosion?

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Science, erosion, earthquake, weathering, earth, Erosion, Earth Science, Science Process Skills, engineering design, Wind Erosion, glaciers, water, ice
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